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Cards Against Humanity Introduction $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);is arms calmly watching him, smiled and said What are you going to do Why do you have to grab the work of dancing Feng Yin sneer Sure enough, I guess you are looking for this thing for me. How, your heart and baby to tell you cry Why do you have to grab the work of the dance Feng Yin said I like the work of television, not what Tree said You do not want to go to the securities company Why do you have to fight for the dance Dodder in the end where to offend you Feng Yin laughed Ha, see what you say, the TV station and Lin Diao signed it We are all competitors, what grab not Grab the rest assured that I did not play against your forest, she said, looking up at the tree Besides, for her, she s not enough weight to let me deal with her. Big tree bite, a good half a day to say is it Not against her Who deliberately split me and dance Feng Yin surprised to see him, and laughed break up you ha ha, It is like you do that of your heart and liver to dance their own water based Yang Hua do not want you Was dumped for such a long time cards against humanity game rules do not recognize TU, self esteem is not it is not Ah, if you have to set me as you break up The reason to feel better, then I sacrifice it anyway, who let us grew up together Then she looked at the tree with a ridicule.

us, but need to suture the wound, treatment and hospital observation. Nodded, and I handed her the completed form. She took over, bow slowly to focus on the form that goes, and finally like to see what the strong point, and looked up, Bo Yang Middle School you are reading Bo Yang This year to graduate, right My family life and death want to go to this school, the quality of school education is good I heard that every year there are places to send foreign famous universities. Did not make a tone of any of her to continue, I back and forth two steps paralyzed sitting on the corridor side of the chair, but then talk with her from the topic completely detached, probably when my mother will come out from the emergency room There are a few hours. Jijiji brake, she was not sure about the answer. Well, send her I mean my mom, what is it like Suddenly thought of what, I sat up and asked. You said to send her to that person She muttered again, said should be quite a culture of conservation of a person, looks polite. About forty years old, looks like people Yes, it s just a little panic when your mother is coming in and gives the money to go.When we chase out, watch him get into a nice car, and there seems to be waiting for him. I listened t.rtant textbooks practice this note are inside You stop I give you money, the bag back to me In front of the figure farther and farther, almost cards against humanity introduction to disappear, desperate mood buried her. Blame her usually love lazy, on the physical education is also flash to flash. Now it is hard to use when the side hate less. She squatted on the ground, began to calculate what books should be re bought. Although this time crying can better express feelings, but she has never liked to use the effort to do unnecessary work. Looked at the watch, she began to go back, the school no longer go, buy books are serious. The school over there, you want to skipped classes Familiar with the bright and clear voice is not behind the original thought. Mo language pan almost moaning out loud. Why all the bad things have to squeeze into a piece cards against humanity examples of it You She turned around, but was cold Ye in the hands of things to attract the attention. My bag She rushed, took over, books, notes, and even wallet. How would you Cold Ye shrugged, next to a silver Porsche with the up. Just to see you chasing him, to help you get back. Thank you so much. She sincerely thanked. God can be seen fair, like cold Ye such people will occasionally send kindness. Well, be careful later. Cold Y.der the umbrella figure, heart deep uneasy. She constantly recalled the scene and those who talk, want to be able to analyze their relationship is ordinary friends still is. The The The The The The Dancing clenched lips, subconsciously do not think that let her fear of the hypothesis. She received the scarves and needles in the bag, early to drill into the quilt, his arm around himself, silently. Morning wake up very early, she felt the head faintly hurt, did not wait for the cards against humanity introduction hair last night to drill into the quilt, it is estimated that the cold. She sucks the nose, really blocked. Dizzy brain rose from the bed, dances to pack up to wear a coat out. Yesterday evening she was determined, must find a thunder to ask a clear, she should not speculate not to doubt, to clearly understand the Thunder to clarify this misunderstanding. Dance that this must be a misunderstanding, the Thunder must have their own interpretation. The rain has stopped, but the temperature is even lower, the tree of water droplets frozen into crystal like ice beads, dancing did not mind to watch the beauty of the winter morning, she walked to the Thunder s dormitory, footsteps, The To the thunder of the bedroom door, she hesitated, just reach out and gently knock on the.

Cards Against Humanity Introduction ng directly to take clothes to take a cards against humanity introduction bath, home bamboo with a few days later looked at it, only laughed and said dance, today nothing to tell me Diao turned to look at her, What do you want me cards against humanity expansion 7 to say Bamboo patted her head Do not allow you to look like today, what is unusual, what is it Looks absent minded. When we are in the pavilion, the Thunder kept watching you Face you quarrel with him cards against humanity introduction Dancing eyes wide open He has been watching my face Home bamboo laugh You really do not know You always daze, the Thunder has been greeted. Sighed with a sigh of relief. She took her to the balcony and leaned against the railing and said, What do you have in the end Dancing looked away for a long time to stay, only said home bamboo, if the tree came back begged me to go back, how do you say Bamboo ah a cry, stand straight. Dancing back to see her, home bamboo in her eyes get a positive answer, lamented the sentence I have known today why Dancing lying on the railing with a cheek He has been crying and crying, Fainted, I have never seen him like this. Bamboo and a cry, whispered He cried ah Sister sigh Is not it. He so cry, I think it is I am sorry for him, so guilty. Home bamboo do not know what to say good, silent for a while, then went on to say, I am in your school near the red tide cafe, please come out, my time is limited. Tone seems to cards against humanity introduction be ordered subordinates. Oh, you do not misunderstand My nature of work is so, very busy, so this is the time to come out. I wait for you Stop from the phone. An Su Yan looked at the handset, just feel incredible She did not even ask each other s views are not polite about, self assertion is necessary to follow the pass The arrogance is so arrogant Who does she think she is After the Wu or Empress Oh It seems Cheng Yixing overbearing there is such a source of family learning An Su Yan helplessly upstairs to temporarily stop the experiment, that woman simply do not care what she will cause other people how to lose Bale fills, do it again tomorrow These days of hard work all wasted, and have to re prepared. An Suyan came to the red tide cafe, came directly from the laboratory, she did not turn back to the dormitory for a dress. Pushed the door of the cafe and the waiter asked, Miss An Suyan, please come with me. Ansu Yan followed the waiter to a quiet corner, to see that arrogant woman she looks beautiful and noble, look proudly and indifferent, wearing a fine workmanship of beige professional equipment, with a messy hair, is sip Drink the bla.

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