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Cards Against Humanity Instructions I Think the tree that makes sense, you quickly signed down what the contract, it is not afraid of life changed. Dancing pout Feng Yin what is amazing, where she has to speak part of it I do not believe Today, Song teacher just told me that Zhang production has been set down, where the trouble from her to trouble Bamboo said Big baba came to deliver the message, must be a little problem, you do not underestimate the enemy. Said The tree may be chaos to worry about, forget, I will make a phone call to the producer. Bamboo said Do not go to a trip Dancing back to see her, surprised to say Do you Really think it will be a problem Well So on the pinning things, Feng Yin can shake the tree is not understand the situation was blind to worry about. Home bamboo laugh You do not trust the tree even if the relationship does not trust the news Well Bamboo look at her, smiled and said Well, brought back the old mind Sue looked up and took her About to you, where I now have the effort to think of these Chapter 46 The next day after the thought of thinking, or to Zhang made a phone call. Zhang production is a dance, he said with a smile Lin Diao, Xiao Song did not tell you Thursday to Taiwan things Ah, you do not forget, 3 pm, directly to my office Duo.hing sharp pain A heat flow slips out from the eyes of the spring out. Chapter VII An xuyan s experiment was carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Her research desk declined all visits, so the time in the lab was completely all of the scientific experiments. An Su Yan Phone Some people in the corridor cards against humanity instructions shouting. Answer the phone to the office downstairs to go cards against humanity instructions to the office. Who would it be She has long told Cheng Yixing said that she did not experiment in any form to disturb should also be not to Hee, and his next semester to write a report, now a free buried in the library gnawing book. Will it be a mentor In general, Fang Hongzhi something will personally come to the research room to see, and a guide on the basic matter no matter ah. Who would that be An Ruyan side downstairs, while speculation. Go to the department, pick up the phone, Hey I am safe, what is your job She asked. The phone came there a clear female voice, Hello I am Cheng Yixing s mother, I can talk to you Can you come out a trip Ansu Yan can not respond for a moment. She never thought that Cheng Yixing s mother will personally find her to meet. The phone did not hear her back there, and asked Hey Are you still Hey An Su Yan quickly replied I am in Oh, said the wom.

he usually looks calm face suddenly look on the vitality, he did not pick up the cavity, smiled and turned away. Dancing immediately chase past, said Do you go How to say Yes ah, my task is completed, still doing this doing Dancing stopped, biting teeth, no sound. Why did she look back and say, Do not you go with me Dancing a little coy, embarrassed, said how do I thank you I ask you to eat ice cream is good He laughed and said, What do you think of the world in addition to ice cream Dance and why out of the campus, why not speak, bow has been walking, the road has been someone and his greeting, he did not how to Dali, some nodded some of the hey is also heard. He did not know what to say, always tilted head to see what, to the school gate of the cold shop she stopped and said What, you eat the torch or the road snow or else Nestle How to stop and see the day, said Lin dance students, now is the winter hey, you are not afraid of cold The dance looked at the freezer and said, Oh, eat the ice cream without any winter summer, you are old and old. He laughed cards against humanity instructions and said, I ask you to eat winter food, I can not stand you so foreign. He turned and pulled the dance of the hand, cards against humanity instructions pulling her turn. Dancing suddenly how to seize the hand, feel his palm.he said softly. Eat at night, the wind whistling to scratch the dead branches of the window, issued a unique winter sound. A house crowded crowded to pack cards against humanity instructions things to eat snacks chat, dormitory school lively. Dancing in a corner to see the novel, but my mind kept asking myself I want to see the thunder Do not wait for her to think, home bamboo push the door came, she followed behind, is not the thunder. Big ring they immediately silence, and even brush to look at the Thunder and dance, want to look from their two look inside the story to see. Bamboo said Dancing, the Thunder came to you. Dancing only know stared to see the thunder, he lean a lot, but the spirit is still very good, the Thunder did not speak, he looked through a room transpiration The corner of the dance, that she was thin and pale and pale, Thunder heart is not easy, but quietly standing. After a while, the dance was put down the book, silently put on the coat, the bed of a small plastic bag to take, went to the door, after the thunder, said softly Come on. Two people silently went downstairs, have picked the usual favorite to go into the path of the road. Keep the hands holding a plastic bag, take a step to send a slight hissing sound, only the voice and two people suppres.nd Zhang Guolin. Thunder smiled Then forget, But you will not meet Guo embroidery and Zhang Guolin, because they both seem to blew. Dancing surprised, asked how could they Summer vacation is not very good Thunder said I do not know the specific situation, I think Zhang Guolin may overestimate their relationship, because Guo embroidery and now our college secretary of the Secretary in love. Dancing a moment, but turned the mind, the group secretary She said is the teacher Thunder said Yes ah, is Zhang Guolin said, it seems very sure. Chuckle Guo embroidery taste is also very strange, how every time like chunky I think so, really is such a thing. Diao said with a smile Zhang Guolin have not been lovelorn torture Thunder Thunder think about it, could not help but laugh Laugh always a bit uncomfortable, especially his school are Xingxing head, and suddenly know that this is the same as the thunderbolt. Dancing thought Strange, Guo embroidery summer and Zhang Guolin have been together, a school only How do you fall in love with Mr. Thunder smile to see her, no rush. Dancing the hair is a chilled chaos cards against humanity 8 natural volume, in front of the bangs Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion rolled into the forehead, twist braids on the shoulders, the body is and paste the white shirt, wearing a large jeans. T.

Cards Against Humanity Instructions ple. There is no way to dance. She is now very chaotic heart. For a long time no one, and he was walking around. But what about it God knows how to dance like to ask his feelings, how to persuade him to be happy, how to comfort him, how to tell his own thoughts, but what role If her comfort and useful, why not so long to come to her If her consolation is useless, why tell him her thoughts. Ah, she has not qualified to say this to other boys, big tree is serious boyfriend. I heard that you had a boyfriend, he said, how are you now I heard that you had a boyfriend. It is said that Did he also inquire about her Chanting whispered You listen to who said What to new cards against humanity say 94 famous handsome child Tong tree name grass, not pass the uproar Dancing heard his tone of irony, a little unhappy, Do not want to analyze his thoughts. How to feel the joy of dancing, and my heart sighed and said, The boy is very good, very healthy sunshine. I did not know how to answer. He said, Dancing, he is very suitable for you, you are so innocent and lovely girl is the need for a sunny person to give you the most energetic love. Dancing blurted out But this is not my dream of love. He was shocked, turned and said Dancing, I remember that time you came to practice at night.for him, so guilty. Home bamboo do not know what to say good, silent for a while, then went on to say how do you answer him Said the dance I was supposed to break up, but he cried I have no choice but to talk about his heart. Home bamboo said So thunder where you said the tree I can not open the mouth, he never knew the tree. Bamboo said This can complicate the problem. Dancing eyes could not help the tide, and he wiped for a long time, bowed and said I am not good, what problems are not handled. Bamboo hug her This is nothing, mainly to see your heart, you In the end like how to quickly decide, drag the longer the more hurt. Do not hurt the tree now, later hurt the thunder. Diao said home bamboo, I would like to say something tomorrow with the thunder of the tree. Bamboo said tell her what the tree thing Dancing nodded can not hide him, right Said Then you decide who you want Diao looked up at her, do not know what she meant. Bamboo said Hey, I asked you to be thunder or to the tree. Dancing looked at her half a day, only said I still have to choose now I am not promised the Thunder Bamboo frown But you do not have nothing to do with the big tree clear it Dancing bow, softly said Do not know how, and feel like a long tree and broke up l.

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