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Cards Against Humanity Hawaii red The tree laughs eat so no mood In front of Kentucky Fried Chicken, do not eat hamburgers Dancing shook his head Do not , I like to eat these, of course, you d better go to buy me a jar back, it is perfect. And other trees to buy the egg tube back, dancing has drunk a lot of pig red soup, small mouth spicy red swollen, his face crimson, nose and small sweat beads. She reached out to pick up the tree to the egg tube, bitter a bit, ah a cry. Tree to sit down, smile to see her, that dance is not happy, especially want to hug over pro. Dancing three mouth two eat the egg tube, the cold rice flour pushed to the tree You eat, I let the boss to add a lot of hot sprouts dry, can be delicious. Trees take over, snore chop chop finished , Wiped his lips with his back. Dancing handed him a paper towel, said Do not fight how good, could have been playing every day. Big tree staring eyes Is it I want to quarrel Who is so disdain to see me, who do a pair Do you mean to have an interesting summer vacation The result Dancing pouting Yeah, give you a hole you have not finished Big tree sigh Well, do not say, you want to eat what Dancing also sigh Oh, unfortunately you have to go three days away, to be in August to come back Big tree forget Is now in mi.hose tall you look at me, I see you, after discussing for a long time, the first man left a word left. Sunday morning at seven o clock, old place. At this time, Tokgo Chaoyang seems to find her presence, curiously looked at her after some suddenly realized You are a new manager. Lin students. Yes, I called Mo language pan. Faintly greeted, she is now most want to see the people are basketball president. Said Cao Cao, Cao Cao to the. cards against humanity Hawaii Basketball president Liu Xueqi with other members happily came in to see Mo language panic expression but some embarrassment. Yeah, she was a man who was clowned by Kohane. This idea so that she immediately depressed up, how to listen to their own like no one to stray dogs, or the other had to adopt. That, you are responsible for the basketball team s logistics and contact work, the beginning will certainly not familiar with, but it does not matter, I will take you. Liu Xueqi is an honest person, a look is alone solitary Chaoyang Ma first look. In this way, she was in Xiaoyu s wish to enter cards against humanity Hawaii the basketball team. Tokgo Chaoyang is also really worthy of the province when the most valuable players, as long as he was on the court, other people are not different with the furnishings, driving straight into, such as i.

cing like to turn, but was bamboo pulled You see, is not a thunder Dancing back to see, really saw the thunder from the car down, on the shoulders of the bag, the car people waved, Turned to the school door came. Dancing took home bamboo smiled and went up and shouted the name of thunder. Thunder looked up to see her, but quickly looked at the back of the car. Laughing have gone. Who sent you back Thunder said cold and cold So late to run out what Diao said This is how late ah, only 8 30, Bamboo out to buy chestnut to eat, you come just, treat it. Thunder laugh, with the family bamboo greeted, turned and walked with them Well, how much to eat no problem. Bamboo asked Thunder, who I do not know the car, what is this car Thunder said Mercedes Benz. Dodo laugh yo, sitting, this is a very high end car, Mercedes Benz is your friend s friend Thunder said ah, no, is the mentor s friends take a way to send a cards against humanity q and a way. Three of them eat chestnut, but also packaged to bring back to the bedroom. Thunderbolt has been sent to dance and home bamboo to the dormitory door, said Bamboo, you go first. Chestnut you get up to eat them. Bamboo nodded to turn around, Thunder said Go up, I still have something, can not accompany you.You sleep early. He rushed two not know his bedroom, although know the class, dance is really embarrassed to inquire. She or every day with the bamboo with the same out, reading books to eat ice cream, but still have a lot of things not the same, her eyes will pay attention to the surrounding, looking for that familiar figure, but has not seen. They also ridicule themselves, find someone to do There is nothing important to say. December 31, a dazzling eye to the dance and home bamboo until 6 pm still discuss where to eat, seeing the bedroom only two of them, and danced to the bed and said, I do not look out Eat, and use the electric cup to cook instant noodles. Home bamboo said how can the big New Year to eat instant noodles, we go out to buy a fresh milk cake to eat good Dancing hum chirping Lai on the bed refused to rise. Suddenly heard the outside of the speaker sounded earth shaking 421, Gu bamboo, please come down. Dance up and sat up and said home bamboo, who looking for you hey Home bamboo open the door cards against humanity 3rd expansion to listen carefully, back and said do not know, can not hear who is the voice. Diao said Anyway, is not Jiang Chengzhen, you go and see ah. What do you do I said, I do not go, and you shouted, I said, I was not there. Then, stand up and take the bamboo s cott.s Guji bamboo. He nodded and said Hello. On the dance said I still have something, you two talk about it. Chong Jiabao say hello, he strode away. Dancing Lanzhu Zhu Zhu s arm, walking and said This is what hey, home bamboo. Bamboo said, It s really good. Laughing, they do not know why laugh, laugh for a while suddenly said Oh, home bamboo. She lifted her hand and waved a few times in the air and said, My hand was first held by a man. Home bamboo haha laughed, bent over holding the stomach laugh. Oh, you do not know that I m nervous, he may be unintentional, but I m still nervous to die. And how to go again, how passed the pass off, chirp talked all the way, home bamboo has been smiling and listening, approaching the bedroom, and dance, dance, and so on. Only smiled and finished, home bamboo jokingly she said dance, how to its what its not, like him Dancing pouting mouth stunned, pretending to be mysterious whispered My lonely heart only for you to open. Home bamboo smiled and took her about, said small nine sister, do not dare not eat rice friends. chapter 2 From that day on, the dance did not see for a long time, on the road can not touch him, do not know his bedroom, although know the class, dance is really embarrassed to inquire. She o.

Cards Against Humanity Hawaii ink who is looking for, after all, this situation is rare. Well, did not expect so cold. Just looked up on the man s eyes, then open my complaint with me, the air is too dry, and feel even the skin has been rigid, like the old few years old Pick three pick four. While watching the people jumping in front of me, I frowned Think, this time even told me that there will be some local banknote rains do not let me see the eyes of the people surprised it The hands of the pencil also fingertips turn, after a few laps, and finally cards against humanity Hawaii stopped in front of each other, Lou I half squint. It does not matter, you can also call me Sophie. Marceau. Raised a smile, for the sentence has a clear nonsense suspect question, the other end of the answer quickly and simply. She shook her head, unblocked bite of the teeth issued a monosyllabic, I turned, into the study room. Do not ask me to go ah With the people behind is obviously so spontaneous, cards against humanity variants but still to be extremely wrong to ask such a sentence. Your school s study room is used to ask people to drink tea chat I answered, white eyes looking at her position when I do not know a little more. Really is strange, why this woman will appear here At that time I think so, and once again look calmly go past dozens of ve seen. Took another student handed over the pure water, nodded in the courtesy, I unscrew the lid into the throat, until you hear the kind of long drought every sweet Zizi sound from the throat between the channeling and you are ready to run when we are happy to die, you know you will not And then wiped his mouth with a towel, looked back at the runway I cards against humanity Hawaii think this time we must When is the final I asked coldly. I know ah She finally from the cards against humanity Hawaii self talk sober, the finals in the third year after the final. I nodded, sitting in the rest area of the chair, watching the whole stadium, watching those flying in the air balloons and ribbons. Now they seem to be about to start with me. Smile and unscrew the lid of pure water, is preparing to pour water again, but Yu Guangfa first that yellow hair fleas figure, the emergency brake. Oh, the yellow classmate, I said, scratching my nose, trouble you to help me in the classroom to take my piece of brown jacket, thank you. In order to disperse the enemy power, I decided to support a hostile forces. Oh, yes, she promised, and then turned to the vestibular teaching area. Front foot looked at Huang Jia Yun left, after the foot of the enemy of the late forces arrived. Hey. Wa.

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