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Cards Against Humanity Explaination him quietly, did not speak. She has not seen him for a long time, the people around are subconsciously help her to shield his message. The tree did not change much, just a little thinner. Wearing a mud coat that used to wear a coarse coat, hair shaved short, but the face of the look and before there is still a difference. Danced and looked at his face, slowly softened down and felt that he was too rushed, he said softly, Thank you, I know it s your kindness. The tree looked up at her, dancing long hair softly hanging down a few silk, with the wind on the chin, look around again, so that the heart of the tree also followed a slight itch, he restrained himself want to reach out to help her stroke Go up the impulse, cough a cry, stand straight body, make the way to go Then I go, you are careful. Dancing nodded, watching the tree stride away, she slowly walked Back to the dormitory. On the road again and again thinking about the way the tree, and my heart a little sad. She went back to discuss with the bamboo, a bamboo to provoke eyebrows Feng Yin is not what to do Dancing nodded listen to the meaning of the tree, as if this. Bamboo said I Think the tree that makes sense, you quickly signed down what the contract, it is not afraid of life sincere and frankly under the eyes, An Su Yan has been speechless. chapter Five New Year s Day arrived in the Beijing laborers school was speculation was the uproar of the New Year s Day speech began. An Ruyan also sat in the audience of the auditorium. She did not want to come, but Cheng Yixing found her research room, gave her a ticket, strongly urged her to be present because he also enrolled. You are so handsome and chic, just need Cards Against Humanity xyzzy to go to the stage, I believe that the audience will definitely have overwhelming majority of girls applauded for you, but also Why must I go He does not deny, I just show off what But, others do not drink cheers I do not care, I just want you to see my talent Aspiring to cover the cheek, my teeth have fallen He is going to look, she was hastily shining, he is not pursued, still can not say You listed those standard , in this cards against humanity explaination world, that is me, and then there will be no second person can do it Oh, Oh, said An Ruyan, commented, At least gentle, so that you have no expectation This is what you can not figure out He looks serious, to completely disagree with the age of education, she said Now what is the era of cards against humanity explaination this thing is now worthless. Not as good as action , things dare to the world first Are you like.

$txtNum = count($txtArray);nance aspects of the problem, you have to find the relevant departments to solve, There is nothing to see their own point, although the rate of property theft is not high because there will always be a layer of upstairs in the dormitory, from time to time in the corridor walk but after all, it is difficult to let go. Wang Li last term in a Sunday, everyone is not in the time, only a blink of an eye, went to the water room back, on the table wallet was stolen, and fortunately, only fifty of them, But the bad thing is stolen with the documents, causing her not less Paolu, sighed for a while. What can I do Zuo Yu Min said, Deng Jun there waiting for me to eat it. Anzu Yan know what she meant, laughed and said No matter, I do not go out, but today it seems only so with it.Therefore, tomorrow you come back to see the door, I went to the management office, this lock Must have changed. The next morning, they did not go to class, An Ruoyan early went to the adjacent boys three apartments, asked the supervisor of the teacher today in an apartment on duty, then find an apartment, unfortunately the teacher went cards against humanity explaination out, so security Makeup had to wait for him to come back. After the teacher came back to ask the situation, call to find the master, to teac.y simple, just provide a good idea. I m here for a while and the same. Xiaoyu had to look at Yan Wentao, you have participated, but also won, should have an idea it. Yan Wentao scratched his head, I was the election of the young Ye Ye, ah, is a situation to win the basic did not spend any effort. Xiaoyu eyes light up, If we can pull the cold Ye s help Mo language pan looked at the eyes of everyone unified look, dry laughed it is better to discuss the discussion No, it s used Mo language panic face was pushed into the chairman room. What s the matter Cold Ye original cold eyes put soft down, got up and poured a cup of hot tea to her warm hands. When will you go home She cautiously smiled, afraid to reveal clues, cold Ye s observation is amazing. Cold Ye turned the information in the hand, and then packed something, now go. Mo language obediently nodded. What do you want to eat at night I ask you. Mo language pan over the eyes of a trace of cunning. The so called short lived, eat people mouth soft, there are people who want to bribe a bit is absolutely wrong. Yeah. Cold Ye laughing at her little scheming, decided to cooperate. Yangzhou noodle shop business is booming. Mo language pan for half a day before the position to sit down. C.

Cards Against Humanity Explaination he ears into the heart, ironing very thoughtful and comfortable. She said softly I m relieved. Chapter 31 After that day, the dance and the thunder of things as if not so many people care. Everyone has witnessed the development of things, curiosity has also been met, came to rumors there will be no market. Dance back to a quiet life, walking in cards against humanity the campus on the road, re happy and others say hello. cards against humanity explaination The new military training has entered the end, dancing and home bamboo to visit their cohort exercises, the playground on a company of women in the performance of military gymnastics, girls are wearing camouflage, with short hair, When the pace, the football field dusty. Diao said home bamboo, you remember when we military training Some people fell in love with the military training instructors, all day wrapped around the people. Home bamboo laugh Now must regret it, that time some subtle do not understand, but The instructor really handsome, especially he put on boots performance military gymnastics, really nice. Diao said military training I am most impressed by the zipper, only let us take two steamed bread left a full day of the mountain, also Let us sit in the field of reincarnation rest, it is so uncomfortable. Home bamboo laugh uncomfort.only a desire to be modified, eager to find out the familiar figure that Nama. Because, I have lost a way of dealing with him, and now is the only way and he is the only way to connect. Like a long time to split the old film, eyes stumbled into someone s eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose, hair, fingers, silhouette but still did not find what I want. However, just a few days ago, I can not hesitate to belong to his presence in my house, you can appear in front of me with an irrelevant reply, it is because that everything is so reasonable and justified. But now, he will slowly slip away from my life, just as I used to him in my right hand side. Standing in the gradual change of the sun in the chaos of the sun, any slightly hot cards against humanity sale June wind in my face back and forth stroking. After a little head down, I turned into the library and cards against humanity explaination the landmark building, climbed the second floor, a man across the thick floor window, sitting on the floor sitting on the floor, quietly watching they. A wave of people to another person to go. They gathered to speak, smile, say hello, take pictures, looks so lively. And I m just here and so on. When the siege is tall and straight with the seemingly ethereal face, appear in my field of vision, my expression is quiet

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